Technology Enhanced Learning and Digital Capability

Digital literacy skills need to be developed as an integrated element of our professional skills, rather than in isolation. The focus is not on providing access to the use of technology only or developing ICT and information literacy skills in isolation.

1. Digital Capability Tools

The Jisc’s ‘digital discovery’ tool has been designed to support staff to reflect on their digital capabilities. The tool presents a series of reflective questions that relate to the different elements of digital capability as defined in Jisc’s digital capability framework. These are followed by a visual profile of capabilities, feedback and suggested actions and resources that might help staff and students progress.

2. TEL Tools at CU

In this Moodle training course, you will find information about a variety of tools that enhance your teaching activities. Get to know the main digital tools we use at Coventry University alongside some ideas about how to use them for Teaching and Learning.

3. LinkedIn Learning: Online Courses

As a member of CU staff, you get access to thousands of resources from LinkeInd Learning, previously known as This is an online skills development service , where you can learn about digital, technology, creative and business skills. You can use it to increase your knowledge base or widen your skillset in other areas.

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