Teaching Practice

There are six pillars of transformative learning in the Coventry University Education Strategy, which are key in all of our teaching activities and pedagogical approaches.

1. Curriculum Design

Curriculum Development is a key part of many academic roles across the CU Group, as innovative learning opportunities are designed to create an excellent experience for our students. Please find more details about the following topics:

  • Course Development
  • Course Base Approch
  • Module and Course Leader Role

2. Student Engagement

Student engagement is a key strategy at Coventry University. We empower our students to be involved as co-creators to shape their educational experience. We engage both students and staff to achieve the best partnership required for developing a cohesive Higher Education community.

3. Student Support

A range of support is available to CU Group students to assist them with the various challenges they may face during their time at University. Find information about:

  • Student Services
  • A Staff Guide to Student Support
  • Support and Guidance on Counselling and Mental Health
  • Supporting Disabled Students at CU