Assessment & Feedback

Assessment is an integral part of students’ learning. It shapes and drives students’ learning and draws their attention to what is important. Assessment also takes up much of the time in our academic roles, ranging from designing assessments, marking, and ensuring we comply with quality assurance and enhancement processes.

1. Assessment Strategy & Policy

The Assessment Strategy sets out the purpose and value of formative and summative assessment across the Coventry University Group. It is closely aligned to the Education Strategy and our Corporate Goals. The university is committed to a course-based approach across all aspects of student education. This has proved to be very effective for the student experience and is a key principle in our assessment strategy.

2. Assessment Journey

Assessment and feedback involves a journey. The diagram on the website provides a pictorial representation of a typical assessment journey that the course team normally go through when designing and reviewing their course. The assessment toolkit provides more practical guidance on how to address each of these steps on the journey diagram in more detail. 

3. Assessment Toolkit

Here, you can explore guidance (toolkits) on a range of assessment and feedback concepts and practices to support you on your assessment design and implementation journey. All guidance has been designed in line with the requirements of the CU Assessment strategy.